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September 1, 2020by Vedic astrology

Many people are disbelievers of astrology for many reasons. They don’t want to feel as “puppets” on the strings and might feel that astrology is taking away their power of free will, power of making decisions on their own and conducting their own life.

I will try to explain in this article is WHERE our power of free will is and how we can improve our life and life of others with doing simple remedial measures, that are mandatory part of all of my Vedic astrology birth chart readings.

There is a lot of theory related to karma and I will try it simplify it to the maximum, just to make sure that my final message is clear within that context.

Vedic thought teaches us that our soul goes through many lives in order to learn certain lessons and grow. In this particular lifetime, we will all experience PRARABDHA karma or unchangeable karma; and we will create AGAMI or KRIYAMANA karma with our free will. Even if you are an enlightened Guru, you can’t escape your Prarabdha karma, which usually includes family and parents that you are born into, gender in most of cases, body constitution, country where you were born, and some health karma. No matter how rich, famous, spiritual, or good person you are, you need to experience some karma that can’t be changed.

If that was the only part of karma that we can and will experience in this lifetime, then astrology would not make much sense. If an astrologer would predict future and this will happen anyway, then what is the use and purpose of astrology? In other words, if Prarabdha karma was 100% of our total karma, then life itself would mean that we are only puppets and dolls on the string, that we are not!

Here is where the Agami or Kriyamana karma comes into play, and this is where the power of our free will and power of astrology are. Depending on our level of past conditioning, and our present level of consciousness, we can be aware of our Prarabdha karma and act upon it, creating new karma for this lifetime. This is called AGAMI karma. This is where we use the knowledge that we get with astrology birth chart readings.

In other words, PRARABDHA karma is what “cards of life” you get with your birth, and AGAMI is how well you play with those cards through your life. I hope this gives some relief and insight!

Now, one step further, what is the best and easiest way to improve weaknesses of your birth chart? We astrologers can see them as different afflictions of the planets: debilitated, retrograde, combusted planets, planetary wars, planets in difficult planetary yogas and conjunctions, placement in difficult houses etc. These simple actions are called UPAYAS or REMEDIAL MEASURES.

This is similar to taking vitamins that the doctor finds deficient in your body. Or taking an umbrella with you if the weather forecast says it was going to rain. Or putting winter tiers on your car before winter. All of these sounds perfectly reasonable to us, doesn’t it? In the same way, we can improve our life with giving more strength to weak or afflicted planets in our chart. The only difference is the way to acknowledge and recognize the results of these deeds and actions.

Let me give you some real-life examples.

Very often I see issues with afflicted malefic Saturn in charts. So, if a person is going through 19-year long planetary period of Saturn or 7,5-year long Sade Sati transit of Saturn over Moon, there might be a lot of difficulties and struggles in that person’s life. One of remedial measures for Saturn is helping poor, old, sick and disabled people that Saturn represents. Saturn is a planet of hard work and requires real work and not money donations.

One of examples that warmed my heart dearly is when I heard that one of my friends from Croatia, a dear, lovely lady whom I met only once ten years ago, was cooking and leaving extra meals for poor people. She used to leave them by trash containers with a respectful note that the meal is free and should be taken in case that the person who finds it can’t afford their own food. Not only she helped so many hungry and unfortunate people, but she also inspired so many others to do the same! Not knowingly, she was doing remedial measures for Saturn in her chart.

The point of remedial measures is in giving and helping others. How do we know that they “work” and have the effect? Because we know that all our thoughts, words, and deeds are karma and karma can’t be undone. We will face and experience the results of our deeds sooner or later. And we all have something to give, even if it’s not money. A smile to a child or to a person in need, time to listen, some old clothes, or some small donation, cup of coffee or tea, extra food, or groceries. We can walk a blind person over the street and show an act of kindness every day if we want. We can help single mothers, students, children, spiritual and other teachers, artists, old, poor people, and animals.

In that sense, every person who gets their astrology reading with remedial measures can’t act as a victim anymore. They can’t say that they didn’t get the direction. The direction and advice will be there, but the power of decision to act and do good is up to each and every one of us. We have the power, and we are not puppets on strings.

And then one day, when some small miracles start to happen in your life, some grace that you didn’t expect, don’t ask where it comes from. It comes from your heart and from your deeds…

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