“I read on Wikipedia that today’s full moon is called Guru Purnima in India, and is an Indian and Nepalese festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers…the word Guru meaning the one who removes the darkness of our ignorance. This definition perfectly fits some feelings I have about Tanja’s reading of my natal chart. Her knowledge and wisdom have been a wonderful guide in supporting my path to understanding the role the heavens have played in directing my life.  I have wanted for many years to have my natal chart read, but always found one reason or another to postpone it. I suspect that much of the reason was a lack of trust. Becoming acquainted with Tanja…her deep kindness and caring nature…dispelled that distrust, and I’m very grateful that it did. I find Tanja’s work to be very conscientious and sincere. I feel very comfortable sharing personal information with Tanja, secure in the knowledge of her honesty and professionalism. The accuracy of her insights astounds me. She has provided me with information that gives me a feeling of validation regarding the way I’ve viewed various situations in my life. The kindness of her words as she revealed the findings of her reading of my chart gave me a feeling of deep appreciation for her knowledge and her skills. She has provided me with good tools for preparing for whatever difficult times lie ahead. I recommend her work highly.”

Nancy, Lincoln City, Oregon, USA

“First, I would like to say that the level of knowledge Tanja has about me through her reading is amazing, since we have never met and never talked! I felt incredibly comfortable sharing my life questions with her, and her answers have always been deep within holistic perspective.

There were life decisions that I felt the needed to take, but I was not brave enough for them. Tanja’s reading made me feel more comfortable taking decisions on these aspects. This made me feel more confident with my feelings and I felt I can let life unfold without over-thinking. 

Now, I feel so much clarity and trust with the Universe. It is very miraculous how much we are all connected to everything around us; how planets and stars can reveal our destiny.

In this world of technology many of us forgot how to listen to ourselves and to nature. 
It is a very precious knowledge that Tanja carries, and I am blessed to have her read my birth chart for me.”

Nora, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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