General Information and Payment

For all services, except for webinars, it is necessary to send me the following, accurate information:

  • Date of birth, in the following format DD.MM.YYYY or DD Month YYYY
  • Exact time of birth, and the source – birth certificate (the most reliable), mother’s memory, or other. If the exact time can’t be provided, it is very important to mention that in a message or e-mail. Further steps will be taken individually.
  • Place of birth: Country, state (if applicable), city or town of birth

Clients are served on a “first come – first served” basis. There is usually a queue of clients waiting for the reading, so there is a common practice among astrologers to receive a payment in advance, which serves as an order for the reading. After initial contact via message or e-mail, and the sending of birth info, please send me your payment via PayPal. All payment receipt information will be provided via e-mail. If for any reason the reading can’t be done, I will send you back your payment.

Vedic Astrology
Full Birth Chart reading


  • 2-hour online Zoom meeting and video recording (108 euros)
  • A written report of 8-10 pages (120 euros)
  • A written report and 1.5-hour online Zoom meeting (150 euros)

If this is your first encounter with Vedic Astrology and with me as an astrologer, it is recommended that you first do a full birth chart reading.

Whatever option you choose from the three choices above, rest assured that I will spend at least 3-4 hours analyzing your main chart, divisional charts, and look at your planetary periods as well as current planetary transits in great depth.

My written full birth chart report usually contains between 8 to 10 pages and includes the topics listed below. All topics are analyzed in detail as well before our Zoom online meeting if you choose that option.

  • Main personality traits and general life trends
  • Family relationships – parents and siblings
  • Career path, money, and income
  • Relationships, marriage
  • Children (only if requested)
  • Health
  • Spiritual lessons
  • Current planetary periods (specific for a person), potentials and challenges
  • Current planetary transits (universal for all of us, but analyzed in relation to your birth chart)
  • Recommendations for astrological remedies

For two family members or couples (married or unmarried), the second person gets a 20% discount.

Vedic Astrology Follow-up Birth Chart reading


  • 1.5-hour online Zoom meeting and video recording (55 euros)
  • Written report of 4-5 pages (60 euros)
  • Written report and 1-hour online Zoom meeting (75 euros)

If you have already been my client and I did your full birth chart reading, then all follow-up readings will be updates about current planetary periods, planetary transits, and any specific questions that you might have. This service is not an option for new clients. The first follow-up reading is usually done a year after the initial reading.

Partial Birth Chart reading -
specific topic regarding:

  • Career, money and income OR
  • Relationships and marriage OR
  • Health

For all topics, service includes 1-hour online Zoom meeting and video recording (50 euros).

If you don’t want or need the full chart reading and have an important specific question regarding any topic above, I offer this service using composite technique of classical Parashara Jyotish and complementary Jaimini Jyotish. A combination of using three systems of planetary periods (instead of just one) gives fully accurate results in terms of timing of events.

The price of service is given for each specific topic.

Zoom Webinar about the basics of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)

  • 2-hour Zoom presentation and video recording (20 euros), To Be Announced


  • Jyotish – history and meaning
  • Basic astrological terms
  • Remedial measures in Jyotish
  • Astrological services offered

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